Emission du mercredi 6 avril 2011

Denver. Colorado. Traduction simultannée. Trahison des propos. Spilled beer on sci-fi books. Suite et fin.

Maximum Exposure (side B), une sélection de Max Growth avec Emestine Anderson - All I need, Dick Walters - Silhouettes (Roasty Rounds edit), ??? - Love Is Gone (Roasty Waters Dingleberry Edit), Guess Who - These Eyes (Roasty Pounds New Rock 104.9 the X edit), Samiyam - Space, Max Growth - Trantor, Shlohmo - this is how WEDIDIT, Mark Hubert - Pushing Around, Knxledge - Advanced Fiber, Dak - Hunch, Matthewdavid - Untitled 12 (DISK), Roasty Rounds - Twins, Max Growth - Party On Dudes!, Max Growth - Cookie (Days edit), Max Growth - In The Army, The Police - Roxanne (Pilot edit), Teebs - Verbena Tea, Mane Mane - Skin Fox (yuk. Remix), 10cc - I'm Not In Love, Bibio - Lover's Carvings, Max Growth - Shity, Dem Hunger - Horse Stomach, Flying Lotus - Melt!, Martin Denny - Waipo, George Gershwin - He Loves And She Loves/Requiem for a Dream, John Barry - Teasing The Korean (Goldfinger Original Score)/Requiem for a Dream, Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit, Kitten Douglas - Blue Velvet, Chappuh - Untitled ('00), White Water Summer, Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone, Max Growth - 2 Characters, Ahmad Jamal - Cheek To Cheek, Atheist - I Deny, Bullet - Smokey Joe The Dreamer.

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