Emission du mercredi 30 mars 2011

Denver. Colorado. Traduction simultannée. Trahison des propos. Spilled beer on sci-fi books.

Maximum Exposure (side A), une sélection de Max Growth avec Raspy Rounds - Orange Tint Trees, Matthewdavid - Sweet Memory/Mystery Of Life, Max Growth - Hold On Tight (Azoo), JJ - Ecstacy, Basil Poledouris - Main Title (Red Dawn Soundtrack), Louis Clark - Brute, Pt. 1; 2, Billy Joel - My Life (Kitten Douglas's Northwestern Mountain Town Tirate Reedit), Teebs - Why Like, Dem Hunger - Fried Squid, Alain Goraguer - Ten Et Tiwa Dorment/Mort De Draag, Max Growth - ROOTSBABES, Funk Deluxe - This Time (Timminy's Trash Time Reedit), Hiro Tsunoda - Type A to E, Matthewdavid - Know You're Not Alone, Black Merda - Cynthy-Ruth (Jimi Hendrix Reedit), Max Growth - Arthur's Sailing (Smooth Mix).

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Musiques additionnelles : radouL branK & ACcRoc - Loneliness is always around, Family of Eve - Please be truthful, Nurse With Wound - Paraparaparallelogrammatica.